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On this page you will find some of the most unique wall plaques you can find anywhere, and several of them are limited to a quantity of one or two.  Due to the availability of certain wood types many of our plaques are one of a kind and once they are gone, they are gone in that style.  So we hope you find something you like and if not, then drop us a line and let us know what you are looking for.  You might be surprised at what we can come up with in a short amount of time.  We love custom orders and we will personalize any item we sell at no extra cost.
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A Cow Moose with Her Calf (SKU: 100-10927703)A Cow Moose with Her Calf (SKU: 100-10927703)This wall plaque features a familar sciene all throughtout the Rocky Mountain region. It is that of a cow moose with her young calf walking alongside the streams and marshes where they feed. The frame is made out of oak and the moose sceine is engraved on exotic indian green marble.
Amazing wild root flower on golden onyx (SKU: 100-11098752)Amazing wild root flower on golden onyx (SKU: 100-11098752)A mountain wild root flower on golden onyx in a rosewood frame.
America the Beautiful (SKU: 100-10926276)America the Beautiful (SKU: 100-10926276)2Chronicles 7:14 engraved below two American flags is a quaint reminder to us of what we need to do to save our land. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. This scripture is very sobering when you take into consideration the path our country is going in on several spiritual battle fronts.
Barn Owl engraved on a Marble Plaque (SKU: 900-10933319)Barn Owl engraved on a Marble Plaque (SKU: 900-10933319)This Barn Owl engraved on marble is simply just elegant in the way it comes out. It is the perfect gift to place upon any wall in a log home or rustic setting of any kind. The Barn Owl is engraved on ambassadore black marble and mounted upon a finished oak plaque.
Big Hawk (SKU: 100-10926115)Big Hawk (SKU: 100-10926115)This rather large plaque contains a big picture of a hawk perched and looking out over the landscape. It is engraved on rustic white maple and is the only one like this we have. First come first serv.
Blue Jays perched on a limb (SKU: 100-10926023)Blue Jays perched on a limb (SKU: 100-10926023)Two Blue Jays perched in a tree engraved on Hackberry.
Branches With Two Hawks (SKU: 100-10924430)Branches With Two Hawks (SKU: 100-10924430)Two hawks perched on branches looking out over the landscape. These beautiful birds are engraved on rustic white maple.
Bull Moose looking out (SKU: 100-10927740)Bull Moose looking out (SKU: 100-10927740)This bull moose scene with the geese flying in the background is engraved on Crema Marfil white marble with a handmade oak frame.
Bull Moose with a view (SKU: 100-10927649)Bull Moose with a view (SKU: 100-10927649)This bull moose with a view of the marsh lands stands out as a symbol of our rugged wilderness at its best. With flocks of geese flying from one point to another it reminds me of the fall when all the colors change and the animal kingdom is taking stock of what it needs to do to be ready for those first snows of the season. The frame is made out of oak and the moose scene is engraved on exotic Hulien Jade Marble.
Classic Mountain Scene (SKU: 100-10926335)Classic Mountain Scene (SKU: 100-10926335)This Classic rustic scene is completely hand crafted from oak which is grown, milled, and completed right here in the USA. We make the frames from scratch and do all the designs and finishing of these unique wall plaques right here in our own shop. The frame has a big eagle soaring high in the air in the upper left corner and a big pine tree symbolic of the Rocky Mountains in the lower left. This rustic scene is engraved on ambassador black marble.
Colorado Columbines Engraved in Golden Onyx Stone (SKU: 100-11098954)Colorado Columbines Engraved in Golden Onyx Stone (SKU: 100-11098954)Truley unique rustic art in stone, a Colorado Columbines engraved in breathtaking golden onyx stone framed in rosewood or black.
Conestoga wagon train (SKU: 100-10926070)Conestoga wagon train (SKU: 100-10926070)The old wild west would not be the same with out the wagon train. When I was little I used to watch a daily tv show called wagon train. It was a show about the every day struggles and trials of early american folks traveling to California from the east coast in Conestoga Wagons. They encountered everything from Indians and robbers to impossible obsticals in their journey they needed to get past. This plaque reminds me of those folks and the extream price they paid to form this unique land.
Cowboy with saddle (SKU: 100-10924455)Cowboy with saddle (SKU: 100-10924455)This western cowboy with a saddle slung over his shoulder is engraved on rustic white maple.
Crema Moose Wall Hanging (SKU: 100-124800)Crema Moose  Wall Hanging (SKU: 100-124800)For personalized gifts or your own unique home decor, this handmade laser engraved wildlife moose wall hanging is truley one of a kind rustic art for your home decor. These breathtaking nature scenes are engraved on Crema Marfil marble creating that unique look you have been searching for.
Early American horse drawn coach (SKU: 100-10926064)Early American horse drawn coach (SKU: 100-10926064)This early american horse drawn coach placed in a setting of an old country road in the trees is engraved on rustic white maple.
Early American Steam Locomotive and coal car (SKU: 100-10926170)Early American Steam Locomotive and coal car (SKU: 100-10926170)The early american steam locomotive was the predominent form of transportation of both goods and people in the early stages of our countries developement. We engraved it on this rather large piece of rustic white maple and have only one due to the uniqueness of the wood. We can reproduce the graphic on other woods but this one is a one of a kind. First come first serv.
Elk Oak Framed Engraved in Golden Onyx (SKU: 100-11098860)Elk Oak Framed Engraved in Golden Onyx (SKU: 100-11098860)Stunning handmade oak and stone rustic wall hanging. A royal Roosevelt Elk engraved on golden onyx set in a handmade oak frame engraved with a touch of nature.
Hawk awaits (SKU: 100-10926308)Hawk awaits (SKU: 100-10926308)A patient hawk awaits his next meal with keen eyes and lightning fast reflexes engraved on rustic white maple.
Hawk on a rock (SKU: 100-10926029)Hawk on a rock (SKU: 100-10926029)This hawk is perched on a rock overlooking the terrain waiting for some unsuspecting meal to move on the landscape. It is engraved on rustic white maple.
Hawk perched on a stump (SKU: 100-10926047)Hawk perched on a stump (SKU: 100-10926047)A hawk is perched on a stump with a view of the terrain engraved on rustic white maple.
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