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Tapestries for your home decor to spice things up!

Tapestries for your home decor to spice things up!

You have to love those comical raccoons!
Bears in the woods tapestry

Welcome to our new tapestry page where you can find a vast collection of tapestry to fit any décor. Made in the USA, our wall hangings, banners, bell pulls, mini words, afghans, pillows, and tote bags include the highest quality hand woven tapestry to compliment any home decor.  All designs and images of our tapestries are woven on a Jacquard Loom using the most dense fiber and thread count possible.  The graphic designs on our tapestries are not prints, but produced with over 250 different colored and textured threads on a loom.  This technique produces a high quality, finely crafted product which will produce years of beauty and appreciation.


No matter which item you select for your personal decor, whether for home, office, cabin, lodge decor, or personal tote, you can be confident that you will receive a tapestry of the finest quality.  These tapestries have been sold to thousands of clients, including nationally recognized parks, cruise lines, hunting and fishing shops, amusement parks and restaurants.  They have already discovered the fine artistry and value of these high quality tapestries.  The same discovery is available for you, right in your own home.


These tapestries are American made and all of our tapestries are woven using high quality cotton fibers and threads.  High quality dowels and ends add quality and beauty to our wall hangings, bell pulls and mini-words.  From elegant rustic scenes of nature to age old wise sayings, treasured nostalgia, or humorous antidotes, our quality heirloom tapestry is just what you need to round out your home decor. 

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