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I am devoting this page of my site to try and find you some excellent articles on Rustic Country Decorating of all kinds.

Rustic Decorating Ideas for your Home, Cabin, or Lodge

Rustic Decorating Ideas for your Home, Cabin, or Lodge

Rustic cabin decor metal art with a flair!

Decorating any home or cabin with a rustic theme requires a taste for both style and that old fashion look that grandma was so good at developing.  You could ask her how did you decorate your home like that and she would simply say, "I don't know, I just did".  I guess it came with the times she grew up in, and her surroundings at the time.  It would seem that the more modern we get with our technology and understanding, that it is still the simple things of days gone by that has us fascinated with those down to earth decor items we might find in an antique store or garage sale.  We are constantly looking for something to put on a mantle, window sill, or shelf that tells a story in and alone of itself of days gone by.  Something that speaks of a day where rugged individualism and self sufficiency were the order of the day.  Those were simpler times when life was all about family, and everything else faded into the back ground, weren't they?

Well to day in this fast paced world of confusion we live in, we still seek for a warm fuzzy comfortable atmosphere in the place where we live that make our house, not just a place to live, but a home with warm fuzzy feelings, and a place of reffuge from the storms of life we battle with on a day to day basis.  That is what Rustic Decorating and Cabin Decor is all about.  Weather it is a piece of rustic metal art, or a rustic quilt throw hung on the wall as a picture, this type of decorating is what puts the WARM back into your home.  It is this type of heart felt decorating that attracts the attention of everyone who enteres your home, and starts up an instant conversation about the "good old days"  back when we swam in the local pond, or swung on a big tree swing out on the farm. 

Rustic decorating is quite simple for anyone.  All one needs to do is to sit down with something old fashion and nalstalgic to eat or drink like a hot cup of CoCo on a cold day, or a Cold cup of Ice Tea on a hot day.  Imagine what you could put on a shelf, on a window, on a wall, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or somewhere in the living room that would warm the place up, and shout "I like that" to you.  It is really no more complicated than that.  Once you begin to get a heart flet idea for a theme you wish to pursue like wildlife, mountains, trees, country, western, or what ever strikes your particular taste and style.  Then go shopping to find an item or two that will begin to give you the direction you wish to go in.  Once you begin to get the feel for what it is that you want to develope in a theme, you will quickly find other items to fill your theme in for your whole home, and every room in your home as well.

I hope this helps out and gives you some quick points about rustic decorating to get you started.

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