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Upholstery Fabric with Wildlife and Nature themes

Upholstery Fabric with Wildlife and Nature themes

We have decided to break our upholstery fabrics down into several categories, and wildlife and nature theme fabrics have been selected for this page. Please feel free to give us a call at 800-952-5993 to have us check on the availability of any of our fabrics.  Some of our fabrics are no longer in production so when we run out they will no longer be available.

If you would like to subscribe to the RSS feed of these wildlife upholstery fabrics and stay up to date with our latest additions simple click on this link. 
Nature and Wildlife Upholstery

Nature and Wildlife Upholstery

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3D Deer Faux Fur Fabric (SKU: SW-3496LA7)
African Serengeti Autumn Velvet Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-1834MG)
Bear Mountain Faux Fur Fabric (SKU: SW-3716LC)
Bear Run Heavy Duty Upholstery Fabric (SKU: KS-BER11)
Black Bear Vermont Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-3379PB)
Buffalo Suede Autumn Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-2819DL)
Cabin Squares Evergreen Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-3326RF)
Eagles on Black Faux Fur Fabric (SKU: SW-3496LA5)
Fishing Lodge Sierra Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-1382RFa)
Horses on Black Faux Fur Fabric (SKU: SW-3496LA2)
Horses on Grey Faux Fur Fabric (SKU: SW-3496LA1)
Moose Berber Fleece Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-3496LA6)
Moose Camo Tapestry Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-3671RandD)
North Woods Red Stone Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-3614RF)
Old Western Laramie Red Rock Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-3581RF)
Passion Suede Chocolate Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-1840FF)
Peacock Floral Ruby Red Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-2682KL)
Ponies on Grey Faux Fur Fabric (SKU: SW-3496LA3)
Rocky Mountain Bears & Elk Brown Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-3329RF)
Rocky Mountain Chinchilla Brown Imitation Fur (SKU: SW-3376EZ)
Rocky Mountain Red Fox Golden Imitation Fur (SKU: SW-3378EZ)
Rocky Mountain Silver Coyote Imitation Fur (SKU: SW-3377EZ)
Rocky Mountain Wildlife Framed Deer Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-3345TM)
Rocky Mountain Wildlife in Autumn Tapestry Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-3328RF)
Rustic Elk and Spruce Sand Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-3817RF)
Rustic Red Lodge Black Upholstery Fabric (SKU: KS-RDL11)
Southwestern Kokopelli Red Rock Upholstery Fabric (SKU: KS-KOK11)
Western Horses Gallup Rustic Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-3444RF)
Wild African Serengeti Leopard Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-845W)
Wild African Tiger Earth Multi Purpose Fabric (SKU: SW-3076PK)
Wild African Tiger Velvet Upholstery Fabric (SKU: SW-3301CVx)
Yosemite Nutmeg Upholstery Fabric (SKU: KS-YOS11)
Yukon Pine Tree Inn Tapestry Heavy Duty Upholstery Fabric (SKU: KS-PTI20)
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