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The current Bee Problem!

News about the current bee problem!

News about the current bee problem!

Current News on the Middle East

Current News about the Middle East from Arutz Sheva

Current News about the Middle East from Arutz Sheva

Report: Israel pays compensation to Turkey
Turkish media reports Israel paid compensation over Mavi Marmara flotilla as part of the reconciliation agreement between the two countries.

Stabbing attack near Jerusalem
IDF soldier suffers moderate-to-serious injuries in a terrorist stabbing attack at the Qalandiya checkpoint.

Abbas under fire for attending Peres funeral
PA chairman criticized by his people for attending the funeral of Shimon Peres and shaking Netanyahu's hand.

Netanyahu holds diplomatic meetings
Prime Minister Netanyahu hosts world leaders at his home in Jerusalem following the funeral of former President Shimon Peres.

Shimon Peres's secret
In 2014, former President Shimon Peres revealed a secret to two journalists. What was it?

Ban orders inquiry into bombing of aid convoy
UN Secretary-General announces a board of inquiry will investigate the bombing of an aid convoy in Syria.

Tekoa resident found dead
24-year-old from Tekoa goes missing, later found dead in a nearby cave. Death not caused by terrorism.

Watch: Netanyahu, Rivlin shake hands with PA chairman
Israeli Prime Minister and President both shake hands with PA chairman at the funeral of former President Shimon Peres.

If you look at the beginning of Nitzavim, you find a strong echo of the Tochacha that we might have thought we were leaving behind us

Terrorist attempts to stab senior officer near Hevron
Armed terrorist tried to stab brigade commander near Hevron.

Current World Events - BBC News

BBC World News

BBC World News

Employment Support Allowance: Benefits re-test for chronically ill to be axed
Sickness benefits claimants will no longer have to go through reassessments to keep their payments if they suffer from chronic illnesses, Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green is to announce.

San Diego police release Alfred Olango shooting videos
Police in the US city of San Diego release video footage of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man outside a shopping centre on Tuesday.

Nine hurt in Medway City Estate crash
A car ploughs into a crowd of of people amid reports of "nuisance vehicles" on an industrial estate, police have said.

Ryder Cup 2016: Europe and US Saturday foursomes pairings announced
Henrik Stenson and Justin Rose will partner rookies in Saturday's foursomes as Europe begins day two of the Ryder Cup 5-3 behind the United States.

Boxer Towell dies after Glasgow bout
Scottish boxer Mike Towell dies in hospital after being seriously injured in a bout on Thursday, his management says.

Week in pictures: 24-30 September 2016
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.

Stephen Evans: Has Samsung's brand been burned?
Samsung's flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is due to go back on sale in South Korea on Monday, following a safety recall.

'Fire risk'
A night out clubbing is something most young people take for granted, but it's not always easy for those with disabilities.

'Event' climbing
The Newport Street Gallery has been shortlisted for Riba's prestigious Stirling Prize, 2016.

Chocolate Compulsion
The man with Type 2 diabetes who is fighting his sugar compulsion.

1950s electro
Some 65 years after it was made, earliest known recording of music produced by a computer has finally been restored.

Louis Theroux
Sixteen years after making a documentary with Jimmy Savile, Louis Theroux revisits his encounter.

US Election 2016: Meet the 'Trumpettes'
The self-described "support group" of female Trump voters in California tells the BBC why they are voting for the businessman.

Ryder Cup 2016: Europe fight to cut US lead to 5-3 at Hazeltine
Europe win three of the afternoon fourballs matches to cut the United States' lead on the first day of the Ryder Cup.

'Clare's Law' requests top 1,000 in first year
More than 1,000 requests are made in the first year of a scheme which allows people to be told if their partner has been violent in the past.

Newspaper headlines: May's grip on No 10, and saving builders from Brexit
The Times reports on Prime Minister Theresa May's "hands-on style", while there are reports that European builders in the UK are to be "saved from Brexit".

'Opinionated loudmouth'
Electronic producer Moby has returned with a new project and pseudo-political manifesto Moby and the Pacific Void Choir

Sam Allardyce: Ex-England manager could face football ban
Sam Allardyce could face an FA ban over the newspaper revelations that led to his departure as England manager.

US election: Do newspapers' presidential endorsements still matter?
National newspaper USA Today breaks with tradition for the first time in its 34-year history and issues a scathing editorial against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Syria conflict: Russia 'driving rebels into hands of extremists'
Russia's increasing military action in Syria is forcing moderate elements within the Syrian opposition into the hands of extremists, a US state department spokesman says.

Monarch holidays protection extended
Budget airline Monarch receives a temporary extension to its licence to sell package holidays and says it has secured "significant" new investment from shareholders.

Everton 1-1 Crystal Palace
Everton miss the chance to move second in the Premier League as Christian Benteke earns Crystal Palace a deserved draw.

Harry Redknapp: Ex-Premier League boss filmed 'claiming players bet on match'
Ex-Premier League manager Harry Redknapp says his players bet on the result of one of their matches, the Daily Telegraph claims.

Cash calendar
Gardeners rely on month-by-month tips to help their garden grow, but how can you ensure your finances bloom in 2016?

Oil Is OPEC back in charge?
The oil producers' group OPEC agreed a preliminary deal on Wednesday to reduce supply. The decision at a meeting in Algiers marks the first time in eight years that OPEC's members have agreed to cut production, and oil prices rose on the news. But will the deal hold?

Insurance tax rise 'a raid' on consumers, says industry
An increase in Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) which takes place on 1 October amounts to a "raid" on consumers, the industry says.

Super League: Wigan Warriors 28-18 Hull FC
Wigan Warriors book their Grand Final place as they edge a see-sawing Super League play-off semi-final against Hull FC.

Momentum vice-chair 'suspended by Labour' amid anti-Semitism row
The vice-chairwoman of pro-Corbyn group Momentum has been suspended by the Labour Party over controversial comments she made at a party training event, it is reported.

Tory ex-ministers push for speedy Brexit
Britain could quit the EU well within the two-year time limit laid down by Article 50 , Conservative former ministers tell Theresa May - but the PM urges patience for "the right deal".

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paddle in Canadian canoe
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge take to the water in a canoe during the penultimate day of their Canadian tour.

Africa's top shots: 23-29 September 2016
A selection of the best photos from across Africa this week.

Desmond Carrington leaves BBC Radio 2
Veteran broadcaster Desmond Carrington announces he is leaving BBC Radio 2, bringing a 70-year broadcasting career to a close.

Bill Clinton keeps Barack Obama grounded
Barack Obama had to hurry up former US President Bill Clinton as the pair left Israel after attending the funeral of Shimon Peres.

Ship carrying chemicals sinking off Japan coast
A tanker carrying 450 tonnes of a chemical used in cleaning products has foundered off the coast of Japan.

Month-old baby girl pulled from rubble in Idlib
A rescuer sobs as he pulls out alive a month-old baby girl from what is reported to be the aftermath of an air strike in Idlib, Syria.

Angry man smashes Apple iPhones with a petanque ball
A man is caught on video destroying iPhones at an Apple Store in Dijon by whacking them with a heavy metal ball used for playing petanque.

Rosetta: Mission control confirms probe has 'crash landed'
Mission control in Darmstadt, Germany, react to confirmation that the Rosetta probe has ended its mission to Comet 67P by crash-landing on to the icy object's surface.

The heroin overdose antidote saving lives
Victoria Derbyshire presenter Joanna Gosling speaks to Karl Price, a former drug user who has been saved from dying of an overdose by naloxone on three occasions.

Deutsche Bank: What's the risk?
Worries over Deutsche Bank's health are dragging down its share price - and those of the rest of the world's banks in its wake. Are we on the brink of a new modern banking crisis?

Tom Symonds: Visible progress needed in abuse probe
Visible progress is "badly needed" for the child sexual abuse inquiry in England and Wales after a number of setbacks, writes BBC home affairs correspondent Tom Symonds.

Conwy 140mph biker caught by his own camera
Two motorcyclists showed "utter disregard" for road users by reaching speeds of 140mph and pulling "wheelies" on country roads, a judge has said.

Russia spends 'fortune' on bridge to Crimea
A massive construction project has begun in Russia to build a 19km bridge to its newest region, Crimea, after it was annexed from Ukraine.

What will the rates revaluation mean for UK business?
Businesses in property hotspots are about to see their rates rise, whilst those in areas where property prices have fallen will see their bills go down.

Hard Brexit or soft Brexit?
A look at the different options for the UK's relationship with the European Union after Brexit.

Faceless London
Photographer Jim Grover spent four hours making pictures of people on London's Westminster Bridge.

BBC News Channel
Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.
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