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The current Bee Problem!

News about the current bee problem!

News about the current bee problem!

Current News on the Middle East

Current News about the Middle East from Arutz Sheva

Current News about the Middle East from Arutz Sheva

Watch: PM Netanyahu addresses AIPAC conference
PM Netanyahu addresses annual AIPAC policy conference from Israel.

Watch:Special needs youths join the IDF
For the first time the IDF is inducting special needs youths into its ranks via the 'Big People in Uniform' program.

New survey shows high burden of iodine deficiency
New national survey shows 62% of school-age children and 85% of pregnant women have low iodine intakes.

Croatia Serbs join snub of WWII camp commemoration
Croatian Serbs join 'alternative commemoration' for victims of Croatian concentration camp, say it shows pro-Ustasha sympathies.

Florida: Two Israelis killed in accident
Benny and Zafrit Binyamin, Israeli couple living in Miami, killed in a car accident in Florida, leaving behind eight-year-old daughter.

Congressional Democrats call for two-state solution
187 of 193 House Democrats sign J Street letter calling for establishment of Palestinian state. Letter to be shown at AIPAC conference.

Taba Crossing may be closed
Israel's National Security Council warns of potential terror attacks, says Sinai crossing may be closed if attacks loom.

‘Birthright for moms’ brings nearly 1,000 Jewish dads to Israel
Dads join 'birthright' trips after Diaspora Affairs Ministry helps women's group bring young parents to Israel.

Haredi MK: Yerushalmi Faction is an unruly handful
Health Minister explains Yerushalmi Faction not connected to haredi mainstream, 'This is not our way'.

President Rivlin rejects Olmert's pardon request
Israeli President refuses to grant pardon to ex-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, now serving jail term for corruption charges.

Current World Events - BBC News

BBC World News

BBC World News

Westminster attacker 'drove up to 76mph' during attack
Khalid Masood killed three people and injured 50 as he drove across Westminster Bridge.

Women's FA Cup: Man City host Liverpool, Chelsea visit Birmingham City
Manchester City Women are to host Liverpool in the Women's FA Cup semi-finals, while Chelsea will visit Birmingham City.

Russia jails protests leader Alexei Navalny for 15 days
A Moscow court rules the Kremlin critic resisted police orders during protests on Sunday.

Sinn Féin did not seek Stormont agreement, says Foster
Sinn Féin was "not in agreement-finding mode" in talks to save Stormont, says the DUP leader.

Red Nose Day: Ofcom considering investigation into show
TV watchdog Ofcom is considering whether to launch an investigation into the fundraising show.

Beckham in Hong Kong-China upset and a Sudanese-Egyptian row over national pride
Find out what's buzzing in the social media world today.

Hurricane makes 'largest undeveloped' oil find in UK waters
An oil exploration firm makes what it is describing as the "largest undeveloped discovery" in UK waters.

PM says Brexit will make UK 'more united'
Leaving the EU will strengthen the ties between the nations of the United Kingdom, Theresa May says.

WhatsApp's privacy protections questioned after terror attack
Privacy measures offered by chat apps are called into question by last week's London terror attack.

David Storey: Booker Prize-winning author dies at 83
The author was best-known for novels like This Sporting Life and Saville.

New £1 coins set for Tuesday launch
The UK's new 12-sided £1 coins will be rolled out on Tuesday - but are we ready?

Flawed nuclear tender sees £100m payout to firms
Two firms who lost out on decommissioning 12 nuclear sites will get £97.5m compensation.

Robotic barista serves up coffee
A robot coffee server is turning heads in San Francisco

Former Adams family gang boss loses cash case appeal
The former member of the Adams Family gang says he doesn't have the funds to repay £651,611.

Electrician's tools sold for £1 in charity shop returned
An electrician who had his £200 tools sold for £1 in a Cardiff cat charity shop has them returned.

Hong Kong escalator malfunction: Two men arrested
The two technicians are suspected of tampering with the escalator after the incident.

Leggings and yoga pants: When tight trousers get controversial
A row over leggings being worn on flights is just the tip of the iceberg in yoga-pant controversies.

Is your child watching fake cartoons?
Many kids channels on YouTube contain fake content unsuitable for young children

Banderas 'well' after heart attack
The Spanish actor, 56, said the incident 'wasn't serious' and that he has now recovered.

Planet Nine: Astronomers want help from amateur stargazers
An Australian university has asked amateur stargazers to help find a possible ninth planet.

The Syrian refugees selling sex to survive in Lebanon
The sex tourism industry in Lebanon is exploiting Syrian refugees. Benjamin Zand meets those forced into prostitution, and the women locked up by nightclubs.

Rio Ferdinand: My kids would not talk about grief
The ex-footballer, whose wife died in 2015, says his children would walk away from talking about it.

The racist professor, the bones and a university naming row
After years of protest, the University of Melbourne has removed the name of a controversial figure.

The jacket and briefcase that shaped a love story
The couple who lost each other after India's partition only to reunite as refugees queuing for food.

Just google it: The student project that changed the world
Is Google's position as the world's leading search engine now unassailable?

Cherry Healey: 'How being a single mum shattered my prejudices'
Single mothers have often been stigmatised and denounced. Cherry Healey explains why she's proud to be one.

The man who quit heroin and became a fruit juice millionaire
Khalil Rafati beat his heroin and crack cocaine addiction and went on to become a health food millionaire.

Should you take your pet to work?
Some studies suggest taking your pet to the office has its benefits.

The pregnant girls banned from school
Photographs of the young girls banned from attending school

'I've not moved on' - Rio Ferdinand shares his struggle with grief
Rio Ferdinand opens up about how hard it has been to cope with his wife's death.

BBC reporter tells how Yemen has changed
Two years on from the start of the Saudi-led offensive, the BBC's Mai Noman returns to her home country.

BBC News Channel
BBC coverage of latest developments
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