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The current Bee Problem!

News about the current bee problem!

News about the current bee problem!

Current News on the Middle East

Current News about the Middle East from Arutz Sheva

Current News about the Middle East from Arutz Sheva

Government opens kids' savings accounts
Government opens child savings accounts in January, asks parents to choose where to store the money.

Girls high school helps arson victims
Religious girls high school runs campaign to help Neve Tzuf arson victims.

Haim Saban: Keith Ellison is an anti-Semite, Israel-hater
Israeli-American media mogul and Democratic donor warns Ellison as DNC chair would be a 'disaster' for relations with Jewish community.

Amona head: We'll stand here and we won't budge
Amona Council Head says expulsion won't happen without a fight, emphasizes Amona residents will 'fight without violence.'

Minister Erdan: They're burying their heads in the sand
Public Security Minister says Israeli media 'burying its head in sand' regarding recent arson intifada.

UK to help secure its Jewish community - but Switzerland won't
Swiss government says Jewish community needs to levy special tax, reimburse police for the extra protection.

Smotrich: I'm willing to apologize if I insulted PM
MK Bezalel Smotrich says he has 'great respect' for PM, but it's 'no secret' they have deep ideological disagreements.

Herzog hopes for 'regional agreement' under Trump leadership
Herzog says he expects Trump to be 'active in achieving regional order' in Middle East.'

Investigator: Most arson suspects still at large
Despite early arrests, only 2 indictments filed and few people arrested.

Iran threatens to resume its nuclear activities
Iran's parliament threatens to approve resumption of nuclear activities, in response to the United States extending its sanctions on Iran.

Current World Events - BBC News

BBC World News

BBC World News

Hawaii snowfall: Parts of state receive weather warning
A winter weather warning is issued for parts of the tropical US state of Hawaii - yes, Hawaii.

HIV 'game-changer' now on NHS
A drug that dramatically reduces the risk of being infected with HIV will now be given to patients by the NHS in England.

TripAdvisor's top tips
Langley Steinert, the co-founder of TripAdvisor, shares the business advice he has learned.

Muhammad Ali: Sir Michael Parkinson 'proud' of legendary interviews
"He'd do you up like a kipper, completely overwhelm you." Sir Michael Parkinson recalls his famous interviews with legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.

Italy referendum: PM Renzi's future in the balance
Italians vote on a batch of reforms - but more is at stake, including the prime minister's future.

US election recount: Greens change tactics in Pennsylvania bid
Jill Stein's US Greens changes its strategy in its bid for a state-wide recount in Pennsylvania.

Oakland fire: Dozens feared dead in club night blaze
Police say they are preparing for as many as 40 deaths after a fire breaks out at a rave in Oakland.

Newspaper headlines: Brexit leaks 'panic' and Mourinho's tax
Sunday's papers feature stories on Jose Mourinho's tax, Brexit and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Hard Brexit 'could cost Tories next election' - MPs
Pursuing a "hard" Brexit could alienate Tory voters and cost the party power, a group of MPs says.

Man held over 'Jo Cox' tweet to MP Anna Soubry
A man is being questioned over a tweet calling for someone to "Jo Cox" a Remain-supporting Conservative MP.

Austria presidential election re-run 'too close to call'
Austria's presidential election re-run between a liberal and a far-right leader is "too close to call".

What is the Article 50 case all about?
The BBC's legal affairs correspondent on the ins and outs of the government's Supreme Court appeal.

Cuba: Crowds pay last respects to Fidel Castro in Santiago
Huge crowds pay their last respects to former Cuban leader Fidel Castro in the eastern city of Santiago.

Dear Mr President
Uzbekistan's likely next president has asked his compatriots to send in their everyday groans and gripes.

Fidel Castro: Thousands attend rally for former Cuban leader
Thousands of Cubans gather in Santiago to pay their final respects to former leader Fidel Castro.

Weekend Edition
Stories you may have missed in the past seven days.

Week in pictures
A look at some of the events in the world of entertainment and arts over the past week, including Eddie Redmayne receiving an OBE and Jennifer Lawrence in London.

Inflexible friend
The boss of Barclaycard says the plastic credit card is being replaced with new technology, so soon we will need nothing to make a payment.

Barrage of gunfire
It's 40 years since would-be assassins tried to kill Bob Marley. Nancy Burke was at the singer's house as the shootings took place.

French town told park's Virgin Mary statue must go
A French town is told to remove its park's Virgin Mary statue as it breaks national secularism rules.

Stop nagging!
Kathy Murray coaches women to stop nagging their husbands and start treating them with more respect.

Fidel Castro funeral: Mourning Cubans ponder post-Castro era
Cubans consider life beyond the Castros, as they bury Fidel a year before Raul's is to stand down.

Sturgeon to visit murder victim's mosque
Nicola Sturgeon will visit the mosque that was attended by murdered Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah later.

Brazil footballer's message for female players
Marta urges other female footballers not to let sexism from playing their sport.

'World's original sports car' to be sold at auction
A 102-year-old Vauxhall, regarded as the world's original sports car, is to be sold for the first time in almost 50 years and could fetch more than £500,000.

Mourinho faces tax probe call over Sunday Times claims
The tax affairs of football manager Jose Mourinho should be investigated by UK officials, an MP says.

UK Championship 2016: Ronnie O'Sullivan beats Marco Fu to set up Mark Selby final
Five-time winner Ronnie O'Sullivan beats Marco Fu 6-5 to set up a UK Championship final against Mark Selby in York on Sunday.

Prince Harry visits Guyana rainforest community on Caribbean tour
Prince Harry explores the Iwokrama rainforest on the penultimate day of his Caribbean tour.

England would play All Blacks tomorrow - Eddie Jones
England head coach Eddie Jones says he would play New Zealand "tomorrow" after his side secure a 14th Test win in a row, beating Australia 37-21.

Pep Guardiola: Man City boss apologises after brawl during 3-1 loss to Chelsea
Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola apologises for his side's part in the mass brawl at the end of their 3-1 loss to Chelsea.

Clacton girl, 3, praised for life-saving 999 call
A three-year old girl who helped save her mother's life has been praised by emergency services for her quick thinking.

MH370 relatives campaigning for answers on missing flight
Relatives of those who died on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 travel to Madagascar to lobby for the search for debris to be expanded.

Amputee footballer shortlisted for goal of the month award
A one-legged amateur footballer has been shortlisted for the SPFL's goal of the month

Show of force
Concern is growing over the rising power of Iraqi Shia militias in the battle for Mosul, Orla Guerin says.

Lottery millionaire: 'I thought I had won £2.40'
Lottery winner Jacqui Shannon didn't realise she had won the £1 million prize for three weeks

The twin sisters celebrating their 100th birthday
Twin sisters Irene Crump and Phyllis Jones have just celebrated their 100th birthday.

The Philippines: No country for poor men
Lower income and unemployed men are being targeted in extrajudicial killings in the Philippines.

Free period
Chinese events organiser Churan Zheng gets free company menstrual leave and says that in her view it is an essential option for all women.

10 Things
Friends sometimes used stand-ins for its main characters, and more news nuggets.

Car seat rule changes: Will you be affected?
New rules on car seats are being brought in but what are they and will parents need to buy replacements?

Africa's top shots: 25 November-1 December 2016
A selection of the best photos from across Africa this week.

Colombia Chapecoense plane crash: What we know
What we know about the Colombian air disaster involving Brazil's Chapecoense football club.

Your pictures: Lines
Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week, we asked for your pictures on the theme "Lines".

Trump assembles America's 'richest cabinet'
A look at the billionaires and millionaires making up Donald Trump's top team.

Reality Check: Is migration at record levels?
UK migration figures were released on Thursday morning. Have they reached record levels?

Living near the Arctic Circle
Photographer Ed Gold's images from the remote community of Galena in Alaska, USA.

Castro's ashes
The ashes of the late leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, are being taken to Santiago.

Tips on how to deal with webcam blackmail, or sextortion, if you're a victim
A new campaign is launched to help victims of sextortion, where criminals blackmail victims with intimate webcam photos.

India prisons: Why security needs to be improved
Two jailbreaks in a month shine a spotlight on security in India's overcrowded prisons.

BBC News Channel
Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.
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