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The current Bee Problem!

News about the current bee problem!

News about the current bee problem!

Current News on the Middle East

Current News about the Middle East from Arutz Sheva

Current News about the Middle East from Arutz Sheva

Israeli teens teach Holocaust survivors to surf the internet
700 science and technology students help Holocaust survivors in Israel look for lost relatives and research life in prewar Europe online.

White rhinos are on the verge of extinction
The last male white rhinoceros lives in Kenya as conservationists attempt to help the species survive.

Another hostile resolution expected in UNESCO
An Israeli state official blasts the expected resolution: 'UNESCO refuses to stop the politicization which is eroding its status.'

Archaeologists discover 130,000 year old human bones
Archaeologists discover remains of ancient human life In North America.

101-year-old woman acomplishes an amazing feat
A 101-year-old grandmother wins a running competition despite her age.

World Bible Quiz contestants
16 contestants reach final round of quiz: Four from Israel, three from the United States, two from Canada, and two from Mexico.

Scientists discover new ways to help premature babies
Recent scientific breakthroughs allow an animal fetus to grow in an artificial womb.

Scientists conduct new studies of Saturn
The Cassini satellite probe discovers new information on Saturn's rings and atmosphere.

Man commits theft while pretending to be electrical worker
Young man indicted for stealing money and belongings from old woman under pretext of fixing an electrical problem in her house.

Population of Israel: 8.68 million
As State of Israel nears 70th birthday, new statistics find that population is 10 times as great as it was during state's founding.

Current World Events - BBC News

BBC World News

BBC World News

Teen admits planning 'London bomb attack'
Haroon Syed plotted an attack, possibly targeting an Elton John concert in Hyde Park.

Russian spy ship sinks off Turkey after collision with freighter
All 78 personnel aboard the Black Sea Fleet ship were rescued, the Turkish coastal authority says.

Syria war: 'Israeli strike' hits military site near Damascus airport
Unconfirmed reports say an Israeli strike targeted an arms supply hub operated by Hezbollah.

Leo Baxendale: Bash Street Kids and Minnie the Minx comic legend dies
Leo Baxendale also created classic characters like Minnie the Minx and The Three Bears.

Brexit: Chancellor Merkel warns UK on scope of talks with EU
Angela Merkel says the future UK-EU relationship can only be discussed once exit issues are resolved.

Mike Samwell car theft death: Two more arrests
Mike Samwell was fatally injured as he tried to prevent thieves from stealing his car outside his home.

Johnson: Difficult to say 'no' to Syria strike
Boris Johnson says it would be hard for the UK to refuse help but Jeremy Corbyn says he would ask the UN to step in.

TV star 'reeling' over harassment order
The Songs of Praise presenter said her career had suffered after she was wrongly accused of harassment.

Taylor Wimpey apologises in leasehold dispute
Taylor Wimpey sets aside £130m to deal with leasehold contracts described as the "PPI of house building".

Mugwump mania and memes take over Twitter
Find out what's buzzing in the social media world today.

Spurs fan attacks fellow supporter in 'Chelsea mix-up'
Spurs fan Michael Voller suffered a broken skull and damage to his cheekbone and eye-socket.

North Korea: US vows sanctions and will activate Thaad system 'within days'
The Thaad system to protect South Korea from the North will be activated "within days", says the US.

Secret payments to players and agents focus of HMRC investigation
Secret payments made to players, their agents or third parties is the focus of a tax fraud investigation by British and French authorities.

General election 2017: Labour councils 'build more homes'
Shadow housing secretary John Healey promises to take "big steps" to deal with the housing crisis.

Arsene Wenger: 'Christian Fuchs threw the ball at Sanchez on purpose'
Arsene Wenger says Christian Fuchs threw the ball at Alexis Sanchez "on purpose" and should have been booked during Wednesday's game.

Maria Sharapova is a 'cheater' and should not play tennis again - Eugenie Bouchard
The WTA is "sending out the wrong message to kids" by allowing Maria Sharapova to resume her playing career, says 2014 Wimbledon finalist Eugenie Bouchard.

Where do the main parties stand on Brexit?
Ahead of the UK's general election, a look at where the parties stand on Brexit.

British Veterinary Association slams designer cat breeding
Scottish Fold cats have increased in popularity through social media.

Manchester City v Manchester United: When the derby was last on a Thursday...
The last time Manchester United and Manchester City played each other on a Thursday was 23 years ago in November 1994 - a memorable night for the red half of the city.

'My vision is like looking through a straw'
Molly Watt was born severely deaf but as a teenager discovered she was going blind too.

Cheap and accessible drug tackles death in childbirth
New research shows promising results for cutting the risk of women bleeding to death in childbirth.

The Mother of All Bombs: How badly did it hurt IS in Afghanistan?
The BBC's Auliya Atrafi finds out if a massive bomb dropped on Afghanistan had any effect on IS.

Uganda's Punishment Island: 'I was left to die on an island for getting pregnant'
Mauda Kyitaragabirwe was abandoned on Uganda's 'Punishment Island' for getting pregnant out of wedlock. The BBC's Patience Atuhaire went to meet her.

Wives wanted in the Faroe Islands
There's a shortage of women in the Faroe Islands. So men are increasingly seeking wives from Thailand and the Philippines.

Does Le Pen have a chance of winning French presidency?
The polls give centrist Emmanuel Macron a 20-point lead, so can Marine Le Pen emerge victorious?

100 days: America in a time of Trump
Trump's election was a celebration for some, a calamity for others. What's the state of the nation now?

Unlocking the potential of technology
Ethnographer and photographer Laura de Reynal has been documenting the work of organisations, such as Mozilla and One Laptop per Child who are helping communities to get online for the first time.

British High Commission helps gay couples marry in Australia
Gay couples can't get married under Australian law, but hundreds of gay weddings have taken place since 2014 using British law, with the help of the British High Commission.

'Pawternity' leave - firms with unusual staff benefits
From giving staff a week's paid leave to look after their new dog, to the firm that pays towards its employees' weddings.

Trump's 100 Days: Newlyweds split over president's performance
Tom voted Trump, Gretchen for Clinton, and they got married after the election.

Zac Goldsmith wins Conservative nomination for Richmond Park
Zac Goldsmith had previously left the Conservative Party in protest over a third Heathrow runway.

A day in Seoul using just Samsung products
You know it for its phones and TVs, but what else does Samsung do in South Korea?

Chinese anger over 'acid pollution' images
Aerial images show large areas of acid-stained ground in a region pegged for massive investment.

George Monbiot: Kick the big money out of politics
In this Viewsnight, writer and activist George Monbiot argues we need a new system for funding politics.

Can you guess the Tories' slogan?
Theresa May repeated her campaign message of a "strong and stable" leadership at PMQs on Wednesday.

Jonathan Demme: Five of his best films
The director - best-known for The Silence of the Lambs - was a master of many film genres.

Jet set pets: The animals that fly (on planes)
From turkeys to pandas... when animals need transporting they catch a flight just like us.

Reality Check: How much will Labour's NHS plans cost?
Reality Check looks at how much aspects of Labour's NHS proposals could cost.

Hummus crisis? What hummus crisis?
After two supermarkets recall some of their ranges, we look at the UK's love affair with the dip.

Election 2017: Which MPs are standing down, and who might be standing?
Who is joining George Osborne in stepping down as an MP, and who plans to return?

PMQs: May and Corbyn's memorable clashes
With a general election looming, this could be the final time the two party leaders lock horns.

Election 2017: Was that Angus Robertson's last PMQs?
With the General Election looming and parliament winding down, was the final PMQs before June's poll also the last for the SNP's Angus Robertson.

Would visiting Parliament inspire you to vote?
Two women who don't like politics paid a visit to Parliament, but did it convince them to vote?

General election 2017: Voters in Porthcawl weigh up options
The BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg speaks to Labour voters in Porthcawl about whether they might consider switching to the Conservatives.

Reality Check: Have we seen record numbers of jobs?
The prime minister says the record number of jobs is evidence of her strong leadership.

Is Labour's Brexit plan too subtle?
Labour has a clear Brexit plan but some in the party would prefer more robust opposition to the Tory position.

What you need to know on election
The UK will have a general election on 8 June. Here's what you need to know.

General Election 2017: Lib Dems to keep 'nuclear deterrent'
Leader Tim Farron also accuses Jeremy Corbyn of being "weak and dangerous" on defence matters.

Could 2017 be a tactical election?
Brexit may encourage more pacts between political parties in the run-up to the general election.

General election 2017: What will happen to proposed laws?
What will snap election mean for a host of government bills yet to be approved by Parliament?

UKIP 'gets radical' with return to right-wing policies
UKIP searches for a new unique selling point after Theresa May steals a march on Brexit.

The seats that could decide the election
Where do the Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems have to fight hardest to win the general election?

General election 2017: How many people are registering to vote?
Government figures show it is young people dominating registrations ahead of the election on 8 June.

General election 2017: How do I register to vote?
Don't get left outside on polling day - beat the deadline to have your say in the general election.

BBC News Channel
BBC coverage of latest developments

Brexit vote: How did your MP vote on the the bill?
See if your MP voted to get the Brexit process started, or whether they voted against.
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