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The current Bee Problem!

News about the current bee problem!

News about the current bee problem!

Current News on the Middle East

Current News about the Middle East from Arutz Sheva

Current News about the Middle East from Arutz Sheva

MKs take heat defending automatic custody rule
Bill canceling automatic custody clause struck off Knesset schedule after coalition chairman ignores government decision.

UNRWA denies hiding Israel-free map during visit by UN chief
Gaza school run by UNRWA hides map which erases Israel during visit by UN chief Ban Ki-moon, then denies incident ever took place.

British PM implores Labour chief to step down after party vote
'For heaven's sake man, just go!' Cameron tells embattled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after internal no-confidence vote.

New Life for beleaguered family values in Knesset
MKs and others to work to protect the nuclear family structure, called "most critical Israeli asset."

Hadar Goldin's brother's challenge to Diaspora Jews
Tzur Goldin says Israeli gov't of abandoned his brother in deal with Turkey appeals to world Jewry: 'Help prevent the next kidnapping.'

Likud MKs call for MK Zoabi to be deported
Joint List MK's provocative statements spark outrage among Likud members. 'She needs to be expelled from the Knesset and deported.'

French police probing new Charlie Hebdo threats
French satirical magazine once again targeted by Muslim extremists in threats both online and posted directly to its offices.

Zoabi causes uproar in Knesset, 'celebrates' deal with Turkey
Controversial Joint List MK claims Israel's compensation plan for Turkish terrorists 'vindicates' her, demands apology from critics.

Wrong privacy settings? Zuckerberg’s Hawaii wall irks neighbors
Facebook founder's six-foot wall around his waterfront property on the island of Kauai has neighbors up in arms.

ISIS repels US-backed Syria rebel offensive
British-trained New Syrian Army rebel group briefly took control of Al-Hamdan airbase, before being pushed back by jihadists.

Current World Events - BBC News

BBC World News

BBC World News

Corbyn putting Labour 'in peril' by refusing to quit - Watson
Jeremy Corbyn is refusing to stand down, his deputy Tom Watson says, risking an "existential crisis" for the Labour Party.

Wimbledon 2016: Roger Federer beats British qualifier Marcus Willis
British qualifier Marcus Willis' remarkable Wimbledon run ends with defeat by Roger Federer on Centre Court.

Brexit: EU says no compromise on freedom of movement
There can be no pick and choose in the single market, EU leaders meeting in Brussels say, after discussing the UK vote to leave.

Amazon fires: how we make rainforest more flammable
Human disturbances are making the Amazon rainforest 'more flammable' say researchers.

Istanbul Ataturk airport attack: Deaths rise to 41 as Turkey mourns
Turkey observes a national day of mourning as the death toll in a suicide gun and bomb attack on Istanbul's Ataturk airport rises to 41, including 13 foreign nationals.

Chagos islanders cannot return home, says Supreme Court
Former residents of the Chagos Islands who were forcibly removed from their homeland lose their appeal to the UK's Supreme Court to return home.

FTSE 100 closes above pre-Brexit level
The FTSE 100 has surged through the level it closed at last Thursday recovering all of the ground it had lost in the wake of the Brexit vote.

All missing children found after Brecon Beacons search
Mountain rescue teams find all of the 26 children who got lost in the Brecon Beacons.

Robot salamander can walk and swim
A robot salamander that mimics the movement of the real thing is developed in Switzerland.

Gabriel Gatehouse: How Gibraltar could opt to remain in the EU
Gibraltar voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU in the UK's referendum and now looks at ways to avoid having to leave the bloc, as the BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse reports.

Gwyneth Paltrow on keeping love in a relationship without romance
HARDtalk's Stephen Sackur talks to Gwyneth Paltrow about her life since 'consciously uncoupling'.

Rita Ora burglar found guilty of £200,000 raid on home
A burglar is found guilty of raiding the home of pop star Rita Ora while she and her sister slept upstairs.

How Labour stronghold of Middleton sees Corbyn
As Labour MPs challenge Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, what do traditional strongholds think about the party?

Downward trend
Is there a messiah figure who can turn England around? Are players too pampered? Richard Conway discusses the state of the national team.

BHS deal 'didn't pass sniff test', says Goldman Sachs executive
The sale of BHS to Dominic Chappell's Retail Acquisitions last March did not pass the Goldman Sachs "sniff test", the bank's vice chairman has told MPs.

World-Check terrorism database exposed online
Names of individuals and organisations listed in the Thomson Reuters World-Check Risk Screening database are leaked.

Reality Check: What has Brexit done to the economy?
Social media has been full of claims that the amounts lost already have been many times the value of the UK's annual contribution to the EU Budget. Is that fair?

MPs boo UKIP's Douglas Carswell at PMQs
UKIP's Douglas Carswell is booed by fellow MPs as he asks a question during Prime Minister's Questions.

Man Utd: Zlatan Ibrahimovic deal close to completion
Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic should complete his much-anticipated move to Manchester United by the end of the week.

Lesedi la Rona diamond set to be sold at auction for £52m
The world's largest uncut diamond is expected to be sold for more than £52m in an unprecedented auction in London.

Cameron to Corbyn: 'For heaven's sake, go!'
Prime Minister David Cameron has told Labour's Jeremy Corbyn that he should resign immediately, for the good of the country.

Istanbul attack: CCTV footage inside the airport
Turkish investigators are examining video footage after three suicide bombers attacked Istanbul's main airport, killing at least 41 people.

Manchester tram abuse victim receives global support
A US Army veteran who was racially abused on a tram in Manchester says he has received global support from "complete strangers".

First Tory contender launches bid
Stephen Crabb launches his bid to succeed David Cameron, saying he will unite the party and create stability.

Conservative leader: Who might succeed David Cameron?
Who are the main contenders to succeed David Cameron as Conservative Party leader and prime minister.

Conservative leadership: More contenders to launch leadership bids
Contenders to succeed David Cameron as PM begin to declare their candidacies on Wednesday as the Tory leadership contest starts in earnest.

Brexit negotiations: Four ways to get a good deal
Having voted to leave the EU, the UK needs to negotiate a new set of trade deals with the EU - here are four key ways to get a good deal.

Turkey violence: How dangerous is instability?
Turkey has witnessed yet another deadly terror attack. The BBC's Paul Kirby asks what the risks are of the crisis worsening.

Andy Murray column: Marcus Willis deserves Wimbledon moment
Andy Murray on Marcus Willis' feel-good Wimbledon story and the time his fellow Briton turned up drenched for doubles.

Gordon Corera: CIA taps huge potential of digital technology
The CIA is working to ensure that advances in digital technology work to its advantage, and not against it, reports Gordon Corera.

'I'm Terminator 4'
He's attempted Everest three times and is the oldest man to have walked to the magnetic North Pole. Now actor Brian Blessed is taking on the challenge of directing his first play.

'Old school'
Electronic synthesizer built 40 years after being designed

Being called a 'bitch'
Why is Hillary Clinton so often associated with the word "bitch" - and how offensive is it?

Journey's end
Maureen and Roger have waited 11 years to visit the place where their son Matthew died in Iraq, to lay a small cross there and to try to understand why he died.

Top taste
A university dedicated to food is to award an international prize for a chef whose cooking does good as well as tastes good.

Bethlehem angel
Italian restoration workers at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem have uncovered a mosaic of an angel that was previously hidden beneath plaster.

Will we take more holidays in the UK?
Following the Brexit vote, overseas holidays have become more expensive for Britons as the pound has fallen - so will more of us be holidaying in the UK this summer?

Justin Trudeau gets comic book treatment in Marvel tale
A cartoon depiction of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears on the cover of a new Marvel comic book coming out in August.

Reality Check: Have MEPs done 'proper jobs'?
Nigel Farage says most MEPs have never done a 'proper job' in their lives. Is he right?

'Welcome to Hell'
Travellers arriving in Rio given grim safety warning by police protesting about funding shortages ahead of the Olympics.

EU Referendum: Did the polls all get it wrong again?
While a few of the pollsters got the referendum result almost spot-on, others meant that studying the polls failed to give a clear indication of what the outcome would be on the morning of 24 June.

Will Leave keep its promises?
Reality Check looks at some of the claims and promises made during the campaign by Leave campaigners who now appear to have modified their positions.

Vote refrain
The media is full of Brexit-related stories. But what other news - serious and not-so-serious - might have fallen under the radar?

Real to reel
Remembering a century of war films at the Imperial War Museum in London - from 1 July 2016 to 8 January 2017.

Say what?
Tech firms promise auto-translation services that are near-instantaneous and accurate, but can businesses really rely on them?

Five models for post-Brexit UK trade
Norway, Switzerland, Canada or Singapore? What approach should the UK take to trade deals with the EU and others, once it leaves the European bloc?

Reality Check: Does the UK have to trigger Article 50?
Chancellor George Osborne says the UK does not have to start the formal process of leaving the EU until a time of its choosing. Is he right?

A selection of winners in the International Earth & Sky Photo Contest, The World at Night’s (TWAN) annual photography competition.

EU Referendum: Five changes to your finances following the vote
The UK's vote to leave the EU has had an immediate effect on some elements of our finances - but not all. Here's what has changed.

Reality Check: Could there be free trade without free movement?
Chris Grayling says: "We need a free trade agreement with the European Union, which allows us to control the flow of people into and out of the country." Is that realistic?

Lessons from history for Europe's future
As European leaders meet this week to find a way forward from the UK’s decision to leave the EU, James Naughtie surveys the mood in France.

Week in pictures: 18-24 June 2016
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.

All you need to know on vote implications
A guide to the UK's decision to leave the European Union following an historic referendum.

Your pictures
Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week, we asked for your pictures on the theme of "flowers".

Pretoria burns
Pictures of violent protests near South Africa's capital, Pretoria, prompted by anger at the ANC's choice of a mayoral candidate.

BBC News Channel
Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.


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